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Solar oven SunCook 200 ™


This solar oven works with a single source of free energy, the sun, by concentration effect and greenhouse effect cumulated.
It functions anywhere, on the beach, at the farm, on picnic, or on the veranda of your apartment.
With this solar oven, you can cook for a family of 10 persons.
The food cooks slowly, and keeps all its oligo-elements and its vitamins.
The cooking process takes twice as much time as a traditionnal oven, but the food can never burn, which allows you to have other occupations during cooking time.
The temperature can reach 200º C in summer time.
With this oven, you can prepare all the usual meals, as well as bread, cakes, and pies.
You just need to put the ingredients in black dishes or pans with a lid, provided with the oven.
The solar oven, functions with 20 minutes of sun per hour.
It keeps the food warm all day long. After sunset, if you keep it closed, it will store its heat during two hours. .
It is possible to cook all year long if there is sun and a temperature of about 15º.
The solar oven must be directed towards the South.


Allows a siginificative saving in energy for all the food which requires a slow and long cooking, such as sauces, soups, preserved vegetables etc....
Moreover gustatory quality of this type of food is largely improved, a little like cooking with the wood fire of our grandmothers.
We save gaz or electricity.
With this type of oven, there is no risk of burn with the pane of the lid.

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