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Solar water heater


The solar heater heats domestic water without resorting to any other source of energy than the sun. It has a capacity of 160 liters.

Ideal for temperate climates like the south of Europe, or sites without strong frosts. Even in winter, by shiny days, the solar heater always produces hot water.

For cloudy days, it is possible to assemble it in series with a gas heater, or an electric cumulus.

Save up to 60 % of your annual domestic hot water invoice.

Can be put up on the roof or on the ground.

Advantages :

In summer, the solar water heater is completely autonomous.

For the coldest months, the advantage of the solar water heater, is that it does not require an exchanger. A simple assembly with a temperature gauge and a geyser, makes it possible to get the best from this equipment. Even during the winter, instead of heating cold water, you heat mild water, which allows a significant economy.

A second assembly consists in connecting the solar water heater with an electric cylinder much less expensive than an exchanger. If you take into account that most of the people prefer to take their shower or their bath in the evening, this water-heater is then very economic. The water reserve heated during the day by the sun mixes with the reserve of the electric cylinder, which connected to electricity will benefit from night electrical tariffs to heat an already preheated water. The other systems of solar panels with exchanger, do not offer this advantage. As a matter of fact if you empty your exchanger in the evening, water is heated by electricity, fuel or gas during the night, and unless consuming all hot water in the morning, the solar system causes only to maintain water already heated during the night.

To mitigate this inconvenient with the systems of traditional panels, one can consider an assembly with a primary cylinder and a second cylinder, but this assembly weighs down a little.

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