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Water savers for taps / sink and shower


Traditional aerator (15 litres/minute)
Aerator Venturi (4,5 litres/minute)

Here a simple product and revolutionist who allows you to reduce by 50% your invoices of water and 30% your invoices of energy to heat it.

Simple, of immediate installation and without transformation.

On average a bathroom or a sink tap outputs 15 liters of water per minute, a shower 18 liters per minute. How to reduce by half? The operation is simple but effective: you replace water by air!!! And this WITHOUT loss of comfort. On the contrary, the flow is controlled.

The Venturi aerators adapt themselves to all taps by replacing the traditional original aerators. They mix under pressure air and water, water becomes lighter and the flow is reduced from 15 liters to 4,5 liters per minute for the taps, and from 18 liters to 9,5 liters minute for the showers. What allows a saving on average of 50% water and 30% of energy for hot water.

More than one simple econologic product , the Venturi saver should be an obligation for any eco-citizen. We should recall that water is one of the most invaluable good of humanity.

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